Dry Stack

Optional Covers

Commercial Hull Insurance

Optional covers include:

  • Multiple vessels under single policy (fleet)

  • For use as tenders, training boats, starter boats

  • Including while club racing

  • Including Liability to bareboat hirers

  • Including private use

Wharves, Piles & Jetties Insurance

Optional covers include:

  • Material Damage including action of the sea

  • Impact by vessels

  • Replacement Value basis of settlement

Other Property Insurance

Optional covers include:

  • Material Damage to Buildings, Contents, Stock

  • Business Interruption

  • Burglary

  • Money

  • Internal and External Glass

  • General Property

Liability Insurance

Optional covers include:

  • Vessels in your care, custody & control to FULL Liability policy limit

  • Movement of customer vessels

  • Lifting and launching

  • Race organisation and training

  • Repair and refurbishment work on customer boats

  • Slip and fall on marina grounds including slipway, wharves and pontoons

  • Landlord & Property Owner exposures relating to tenants, contractors and visitors

  • Removal of wreck

  • Sudden and accidental pollution

  • Long term Pollution exposures (fuel storage tanks)

Facts & Questions

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