Boat Manufacturer

Optional Covers

Stock Insurance

Optional covers include:

  • Single policy covering Raw Materials, Stock in Progress, Finished Boats

  • Damage occurring during manufacture

  • Additional cost incurred for Urgent replacement parts

  • On water cover for sea trials & delivery of completed stock boats

Marine Cargo Insurance

Optional covers include:

  • Boats and/or Boat Parts

  • Annual Policies or one-off shipments

  • Imports

  • Exports

  • Within Australia

Other Property Insurance

Optional covers include:

  • Material Damage to Buildings, Contents, Stock

  • Business Interruption

  • Burglary

  • Money

  • Internal and External Glass

  • General Property

Liability Insurance

Optional covers include:

  • Products Liability for stock you manufacture

  • Cover for Exported products (including USA and Canada)

  • Slip and fall at factory premises

  • Landlord & Property Owner exposures relating to tenants, contractors and visitors

  • Sudden and accidental pollution

  • Repair and refurbishment work on customer boats

  • Customer boats while in your care to FULL Liability sum insured

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Optional covers include:

  • Negligent act, error, omission, misstatement, or misrepresentation

  • Breach of any contractual term concerning necessary quality, safety or fitness, or your duty
    to use reasonable care and skill

  • Defamation, libel, slander, trade libel, product disparagement, injurious falsehood

  • Loss or damage to paper documents in your care, custody, or control

Facts & Questions

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